Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesdays With Noirrie


My whole two regular readers had, I'm sure (??), noticed that I didn't blog much for a while. In fact, that's how Tuesdays came to be. I wasn't randomly blogging so decided to make it a date. I wasn't really sure why I was slacking off so much. I thought I just wasn't feeling talkative (HA!) or that maybe there just really wasn't anything going on worth talking about. This weekend, I had a revelation. I wasn't blogging less often because less was happening. I was blogging less because I'd had less fuel. Huh? you say. If you've read my blog for a while, you might possibly remember a few PSIL (psycho sister-in-law) posts from the past. After having a very brief encounter with her this weekend, the epiphany hit that the lack of exposure to PSIL had contributed greatly to my reduced urge to blog. After all, this is my space to spew. And, generally, any encounter with PSIL, creates a great urge to spew.

SO ....

Steve had two tickets to the OSU-KSU game in Stillwater this weekend. His family being great KSU fans, he invited his brother (BIL) to go with him as a birthday treat for BIL. And, surprisingly, BIL accepted. Now, I must clarify the "surprisingly" part. Always in the past BIL has refused Steve when he's been invited to games or pretty much anything that doesn't include PSIL. She keeps him on a VERY short leash. But, with her new grand baby, she's been busy lately. And here I really must divert again for a minute ... When I say grand baby, I mean the child produced by her 21 year-old, won't work, frequently on drugs and usually drunk son knocking up his 17 year-old, completely irresponsible, spoiled rotten girlfriend and, rather than be concerned over this, PSIL was thrilled. But, the birth of PCHNHFTFWTPSH (poor child having no hope for the future with the parents she has) has freed up lots of time for BIL as PSIL is, most weekends, either visiting the baby or has the baby at their home for the weekend. SO, BIL was allowed to go to the game.

It was a night game. It was 1.5 hours from here. It was late when it was over. Steve and BIL had a blast. They very rarely get to spend time together just the two of them and I thought it was great. PSIL had told us she was coming for the weekend as well. I'm not sure when that changed. All I know is that she seems to have stalled out at her sister's house 15 minutes from here and never made it. Oh well. Not that I was heartbroken but it seems like, when you tell someone you're spending the weekend with them, courtesy would dictate a quick call to say you'd changed your mind when you do. Then again, this is PSIL we're talking about so the general rules of polite society do not apply.

Then ...

Despite telling us THEY would be here at 8 p.m. on Friday, she didn't allow BIL to come until Saturday afternoon. Really, just about in time to grab a bite to eat and then head to the game. Then she called here at 10 a.m. on Sunday absolutely furious. Why? Geez. I don't know. All I know is that I answered the phone and she asked me if BIL was there. When I said sure, I'd get him. She very acidly informed me that she did NOT want to talk to him. Um, okay. Just ask him what his plans for the day are. Um, BIL, what are your plans for the day? BIL responds with a typically male non-committal grunt. I passed that on. Oh, well now she's REALLY pissed. (I still am not sure why but wasn't about to ask her.) So she huffily informs me that she'll just go run with her sister then. Um, okay. BIL finally left and went to meet his doom about two hours later. Poor guy. At least we were able to give him about 11 hours freedom from her. Even now, I have no clue why she was so furious. But I'll bet poor BIL found out in a hurry.

Ah, and just think ... the holidays are coming and we'll be getting to see her soon. Stand by for future spewing.


Martha said...

Yikes, I feel for your BIL...but am proud of you for being able to distance yourself enough from her evil web of sociopathic ways to not get caught in her wicked ways! With age, comes wisdom, eh? :)

Shelljo said...

Diana, you really need to spend more time with PSIL, cause your posts are so good when you are dealing with her!