Saturday, June 23, 2007


The boys are very much math and science guys. Neither cares very much for writing. And, as we all know, we usually do better at those things we enjoy. Still, they sometimes surprise me with their ability to write well.

A Life Destroyed
By Lane
8th Grade

A life destroyed.
No – not by drugs, nor by homicide,
but by self.
The criminal – the careless procrastinator,
destroying life by sloth.

But I – I choose to be different.
I choose to do my best.
I will not laze about like a dog near death.

As I grow older, I will watch the sloths and the “cools”,
fulfilling their pointless and insignificant lives.
I will be different
I will be my best
I will not be the guy
holding the “Oil Change $19.99!” sign.

I Am
By Levi
7th Grade

I am a silent guy who loves music
I wonder what my life will be like
I hear the orchestra play a thousand days
I see the music dance in my eyes
I want to be able to play anything
I am a silent guy who loves music

I pretend to play perfectly, never faltering
I fell the strings vibrate and make sound
I touch the sound and make it beautiful
I worry my ears will be damaged
I cry for those who can’t see its beauty
I am a silent guy who loves music

I understand music is the voice of the soul
I say it is the sound of a spirit
I dream I will be able to play music all my life
I try to play better, always improving
I hope my dreams will be true
I am a silent guy who loves music

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Nicole said...

Wow. Those are fantastic. I love the mental image of the guy holding the oil change sign. 7th grade? Really?