Sunday, April 15, 2007

Does this mean I have to forgive him?

Lane turned 15 last month. Lane got his restricted license last month. I wanted to get him a cell phone for his birthday as the RL meant he'd be driving to and from school and work alone. Steve was opposed to this idea. After all, he 'never had a phone when he started driving'! Um, true, dear. On the other hand, you barely had a house phone back when you started driving! But I wanted Lane to have one, mainly for my convenience and peace of mind.

So I got him one.

And it's way cooler than mine. I always get just the basic, makes calls, receives calls kind of phone. But Lane's was to be a gift so I got him a nice little slider. It has a camera. It has games. It can show a photo of who's calling if you have it programmed right.

But the worst cut of all?? The absolute you-suck factor?? He was able to download the ringtone I really, really wanted ... Wizards of Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Harumph. That was the last straw. I was actually a teeny bit pissed about it. (Yeah, I know that's silly but ....)

But I guess I have to forgive him. Yesterday he fooled with my phone a bit, updated the Ringtone Jukebox and, in a very few minutes, had TSO's Christmas Eve in Sarajevo as my tone.

Who's gonna fix my crap when he leaves home??

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