Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: Jesus Christ Superstar 2010

We got to see this show last night for the second time. The first was appx 20 years ago. I’ll admit I wondered if, at age 66, Ted Neely could possibly still have it. The ‘it’ that he had in the movie. The ‘it’ that he had the first time we saw JCSS. The ‘it’ that made him the Jesus everyone’s wanted to see for so long he’s now been playing Jesus for longer than Jesus lived. Well … at first I wasn’t sure. His voice has changed a lot. It was deeper, somewhat richer, a bit husky. A very nice voice. But not the voice I remembered and loved. It grew on me though. But, after several songs, he hadn’t hit those high notes he was so famous for … and then he did. Wow. He’s still got it, baby. Other than Jesus, my favorite voices in the cast were Peter and Mary but they were all good.

The set was extraordinarily simple, but the lighting designer was a genius. He made sets out of lights.

If you get the chance, definitely go see this show. It won’t be the same as what you may remember. But it will be amazing.

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